How to spot a professional accountant

Remmy komora

2021-06-12 1 min read

 A career in accounting is lucrative because of the perks and control it comes with thus a dream for many, however issues involving money is a sensitive one to both the public and private as it determines the status of persons. People might go to great lengths to acquire financial muscle without considering due process, this can be avoided by spotting certain characteristics in the people you are dealing with.

Here are some of the hints you should follow to know whether an accountant is genuine.

1. Always answers your questions with clear explanations

2. Always available when contacted

3. Does not involve himself/herself in blame games as she/he does work with due diligent

4. Executes work in a timely manner

5. Is not bribed easily

6. Has papers to back up his/her qualifications

7. Treats other members with respect and courtesy

8. Does not evade personal taxes

9. Confidential in matters pertaining to clients

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