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WHY US ? has a variety of course materials that are suitable for students and candidates who want to achieve their dreams of becoming certified public accountants. The notes are simplified yet are detailed because each topic is well thought and calculated while also complying with the International Accounting Standards.

Accounting students around the world immerse themselves in various books in order to grasp the concepts, this can be overwhelming sometimes because there is no choice especially during exams that's why you need lean notes that are in tandem with what you want to grasp.

Another major reason is the fact that time is limited for accounting students, you can have a whole semester but the bulkiness of the topics will wear you down hence a need for straight to the point notes, unfortunately, there is no shortcut but to put in substantial efforts reading and practicing.

There could be a host of other reasons as to why the course could be challenging, the fact remains it's not a walk in the park that's why we try our best to put our notes in the simplest format.

To the professional accountants, our notes could come in handy while you pursue your career as they can be your point of quick reference since there is a wide variety of topics.

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